We are part of the community, your sisters, brothers, neighbors, and friends. We spend our pay checks and raise our families locally. We care about the economic and social health of West Michigan.

You may be wondering how the dollar bills started. Long time and well loved customers, the Ellis', wrote their name on a dollar bill and stuck it to the wall. Pretty soon, the trend caught on and next thing we knew, we had walls filled with dollar bills. Names, special dates, and personal facts decorated these dollar bills. 9/11 was an extremely heartbreaking event, but it also provided an opportunity to give back. Since then, we have been involved with many wonderful people and organizations and feel blessed to be a part of their story. 

Without you, none of the these things would be possible. We tip our hat to you, and are forever humbled and grateful for your continued involvement and support since 1997! Swing by, enjoy a delicious dinner, and pin a dollar bill or two.