A Steakhouse And So Much More!

A great steak awaits you! For nearly 20 years, Crazy Horse has been one of West Michigans' favorite steakhouses for a family dinner, a business luncheon, a cocktail after work, or a first date. We offer a casual southwestern dining experience specializing in quality steaks, sweet marinated chicken, fall off the bone tasty ribs, and fresh flavorful seafood.

Crazy Horse: Where The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day! 

From The Sea

Weekly lobster features, shrimp entrees, salmon, tilapia, hand breaded perch and more!

Steak & Chicken Entrees

Award winning steaks and ribs along with a variety of creative chicken entrees. 

Unforgettable Sandwiches

Half pound angus burgers, unique wraps, weekly sandwich creations.